President Bush bests Congress’ approval ratings

I’ve been goofing off more than my share lately. And have I mentioned that it’s slow out there? Anyway, here’s something that came up in comments the other day:

Congress’ job rating is lower than the President’s

We hear all of the time about President Bush’s approval rating being in the tanker. Here’s one little bit of hysteria as an example:

Our editor in chief does nothing to tell us about Congress’ approval ratings. For the same time period as measured above – April 6-9, 2008 – Congress scored a happy place of 20%, a full 8 points BEHIND President Bush at 28%. My goodness, under today’s standards where 8 points predicts a blowout election for Obama, I do believe we’d have to declare the President wildly more popular than Congress. (These links have a number of polls on them, but I’m counting on you to find the ones I’m talking about.)

It really all goes back to what you choose to believe. When you see something that’s not consistent with your own understanding, for goodness sake check it out. Especially before you repeat it!

There’s a little more on that concept coming tomorrow.


  1. Cindy, Could you tells us who controls Congress ?

  2. (Giggle) Hmmm. It’s here somewhere…starts with a “D” I think. Donkeys. No, wait…they were all about change in 2006. Hum. Dingbats? That seems to be getting close…

    Excellent point Leapin.

  3. Regardless Cindy, the 20s is still extremely low for a President. If I’m not mistaken, Congress has always had low ratings, even when Republicans had control from 2002-2006.

  4. “if I’m not mistaken…” Mind putting a little effort behind your comment? (PS I checked – they are lower now than before. There was a post September 11th bounce, but it didn’t last. That would mean you’re wrong.)

  5. The Democrats and Obamsters will NEVER admit that there is anything missing in their elected officials. The truth is that if anyone with any common sense watches Reid and Pelosi on TV and listens to their idiotic ranting, one would know that with a donkey in the White House to approve their insane proposals we will really be in trouble. One should be able to dislike Bush’s policies and still retain a rational mindset…but the donkeys aren’t able to do that and have gone completely off the deep end. The future looks bleak indeed!

  6. Sorry Cindy, I wasn’t in the mood.

    Anyways, I’m more than happy to admit that Congress, which is Democratically controlled, has low approval ratings. My point was the fact that even Republican controlled Congresses had low points as well.

    Yes, the Dems seem to have had the worst of times on this, but I think we also need to consider the overall situation here.

    1. The economy is now in the crapper
    2. People are beginning to see the wars overseas as troubling rather than as our salvation
    3. The post-9/11 patriotism, the overkilled love for everything in the American government, no matter what the circumstance, has faded away again, which I believe you referred to as a “bounce.”

    I think when you have those facts inserted in the debate, I don’t think any party would be having a grand time in approval ratings. The Dems just have the short end of the stick right now.

  7. Kathryn says:

    “One should be able to dislike Bush’s policies and still retain a rational mindset…”

    Agreed, but who can we vote for vis a vis congress? The blue dogs might be the only ones who haven’t lost all perspective, and we don’t have any of them here.

  8. Greg, that would be funny stuff – except you can vote, so instead it’s scary as hell.

    Maybe you should go back and figure out what you just did.

  9. Um, Cindy, if you check further, you would find that Congress traditionally has a lower approval rating than the president, any president.

    But the fact is that the Dems might have the majority, but it is slim, and definitely not veto proof, so most of their goals have not been accomplished.

    We’re still in Iraq, kids are still going without healthcare, the uberrich are still receiving nice tax breaks while working stiffs are actually paying more (mine went up $400 per year, with a stagnant salary), and the economy is going in the hole faster than a Tiger Woods chip shot.

  10. I think it’s really funny that a couple of Democrats are suddenly apologizing for their party! It reminds me of my favorite Jane Austen line from Pride and Prejudice.

    Lady Catherine: “If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.”

    You provide a similar snivel – “If the Democrats really had power, we’d be great.” Nope, two majorities aren’t enough for you!

  11. Shawn Matson says:

    We’re not apologizing, we’re actually working to make our party grow and be stronger.

    Second, of course Congress has low approval ratings–deliberating and having legislation held up and bogged down is universally disliked by Americans.

    The question is whether it really matters. The Republican congress under Clinton had lower approval ratings than Clinton himself. Did that mean anything really? No. It’s inconsequential.

    However, i think i have pointed this out more than once that individual approvals of individuals members is at highs for Democrats and lows for Republicans. People like their own representatives (even more if they are Dems).

    And Grant, any group of 300+ old men is bound to be useless. That’s why I don’t go to ABATE meetings.

  12. Huh?

    All I did was state a few points, and now “Democrats are apologizing for their party.”

    Ridiculous, Cindy. Ridiculous.

  13. Shawn doesn’t go to ABATE because they are useless? There are 6000 members in WI alone, and we managed to get the most comprehensive bill passed two years ago of any State. You don’t go to meetings because a) you aren’t a member, b)
    you aren’t a biker, c) you’re not a freedom fighter, and d) you’re afraid of some old man beating your butt when you open your mouth!

  14. Shawn Matson says:

    I’m afraid of your English Leather, too!

  15. BrkfldDad says:

    Sure it’s not Hai Karate?