I heart Milwaukee

Hey, it’s not just me pining for a downtown condo. Susan Carpenter from the Los Angeles Times likes the idea, too:

…Like so many others who will be visiting the city in years to come, I was in town to check out the museum, which turned out to be one of the most engaging I’ve experienced. What I wasn’t expecting was to be just as blown away by the city. I’m still fantasizing about moving there….


  1. Can I join in the love-fest for Milwaukee? Downtown is getting rather snazzy!

  2. Look at the tax bill for one of those condos and that will put the fire out!

  3. Shawn Matson says:

    They can’t be higher than Brookfield

  4. Actually, they are. As usual, I’ll do the work to prove it.

    A $170,000 condo listed in Milwauke – 2 bed 2 bath – paid $3,508. A $172,500 condo listed in Brookfield – also 2 bed 2 bath – paid $2,635. That’s about 33% more than Brookfield and means you are wrong, Shawn.

    Grant, aack! You’re right!

  5. Now to be fair, I must admit that garbage collection is included in the Milwaukee taxes. I don’t know if the water and sewer charges are higher, but I’d guess they are lower. Sales taxes are a bummer if they get the new 1% increase. Of course, there is too much crime in the city and you have to be very careful where you go at night…but you can always hide in your condo.

  6. Garbage collection is included for the City of Brookfield, too.

    Crimes not that bad in the ritzier areas. I’ve never had a problem getting around – unless of course I chose to wear the wrong shoes 🙁