Mayor Jeff Speaker plays “Stick It to Brookfield”

As is often the case, the dog days of summer are used to slam through controversial projects. Next Monday’s plan commission will gift south Brookfield residents with the final nail in the “move the fire station” coffin.

I’m not kidding when I tell you that reading this agenda made me literally nauseated. They scheduled the public hearing for this conditional use at the Plan Commission, not the Common Council. The mayor and his henchmen will vote a few minutes later.

In my heart I wish I could undo it all. Speaker’s such a creep. But there’s no stopping him when it comes to securing his elected future. In his mind moving these fire stations will appease the western voters that have given him grief for years on this one. In particular he wants to please Weston Hills, a neighborhood that attached to Brookfield and then the Elmbrook school district a few years ago. They want it all now that they are in Brookfield.

And Mayor Jeff Speaker is prepared to deliver.

By the way, also on this agenda is the approval for expanding the high schools.