Si Hablo McCain

This radio ad on the importance of Free Trade is starting to run in Florida :


TONY VILLAMIL: This is Tony Villamil speaking, ex-director of Tourism, Commerce and Economic Affairs of Florida.

When it comes to a strong economy for our state, commercial trade with Latin America is crucial. Three quarters of Florida’s exports are with Latin America, and the Colombian Free Trade Agreement would create even more opportunity.

In this election, there are some that talk about revising the Free Trade Agreement with Mexico and Canada and oppose the Agreement with Colombia. This would hurt our economic future.

Last year Florida’s exports to Latin America reached almost $45 billion dollars. Colombia is Florida’s third most important export market and this trade agreement would create almost 5,000 new jobs

John McCain supports the Colombian Agreement, knows about our alliances with our hemisphere and understands our economy grows thanks to trade.

Remember who stands for prosperity in Florida, our country and our hemisphere. His name is John McCain.

JOHN MCCAIN: I’m John McCain and I approve this message.

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