Tonight on WISN – Update – & WTMJ?

I’m hearing rumors that WISN channel 12 will have a report on Brookfield’s new police policy. Officers will be restricted to driving only 50 miles in an 8 hour shift.

You know me, immediately my thought was, “that shouldn’t be hard, they’re all facing each other and chatting at Wirth Park anyway!”

Seriously, I’ve called around and can’t find anyone that knows about this. I suspect we’ll find it was part of the negotiations for a new contract with the union. Chances are the alders didn’t have a clue.

I got good stuff from a few phone calls tonight. I’ll try to flesh it all out next week.

It’s confusing, but aldermen are reporting calls from WTMJ. I’ll be watching both in hopes to find out more. No one seems to know about the issue.