Ever wondered what it would be like if you left your laptop in another town? Uhuh. Mine’s still vacationing. I don’t know how I did it, but it’s hanging out in Sister Bay.

Of course there are several backups to use around here. After all, we’re junkies. But…there are all of those passwords to be remembered! Not to mention the admin link to the blog that I took off the front page a couple of weeks ago.

All is obviously well. I found you again!


Not much is going on. Brookfield continues to be destroyed, but that’s nothing new. The latest victim is the 90 year old barn on the east side of Calhoun, part of Ruby Farms.

Hey, a majority of this community thinks it’s a good idea. Anything for progress. That’s why you’re getting new zoning at Calhoun and Greenfield for a fire station.

So I just sit back and wonder how the heck I came to miss Kate Bloomberg. I doubt even she would have screwed things up so badly. Brookfield will be pickings for an enterprising slumlord before you know it.


  1. I love Sister Bay. Where did you stay?

  2. I love how you’re so calm and content in your writing of that entry. First, the laptop’s missing. Second, your community is being destroyed. But there’s Cindy, having a beer and relaxing under an umbrella on her patio for all we know!

  3. Elliot – you know where Pirate’s Cove is on 42? My friend has a house about a block east.

    Greg – it’s a glass of wine, dear, now that it’s five o’clock. And I’m inside; it’s hot out there!

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    I didn’t hear a lot of cheering for our resident slumlord at the parade. Maybe our mayor isn’t as popular as you fear. We can only hope voters are starting to wake up. But I don’t know if there is anything left to protect and defend. Remember, the mayor isn’t working alone to screw things up in Brookfield.