Dear Brett:

It’s called a mid-life crisis. Please, please don’t make the rest of us watch!

Yes, he’s talking about leaving the Packers, supposedly so he can be picked up by another team. Now I love Brett, he’s been a fun part of my time here in Wisconsin. But for goodness sakes, what part of a gazillion dollars doesn’t make you content? Sweetheart, the body parts simply aren’t going to last forever. Remember the addiction to painkillers?

I wish Brett the best (not that he really gives a flip about what I think) and hope he’s better soon.

Roxanne is right. Buy the convertible. You can even make it green and gold.


  1. Ain’t a single one of us wants to see him taken off for the last time on a golf cart or a gurney. Just man up and move on, Brett.

    It’s been a gas. Stop acting like a bad brother-in-law and go home.

  2. Shawn Matson says:

    The Brewers are more exciting anyhow.