Obama’s Chocolate Nuts

It’s a crazy world out there, folks. And to top it off? The candy business owner’s name is Feingold!

From The Chicago Sun-Times:

“Who would have thought anybody would use ‘Obama’ and ‘nuts’ in an actual news story?” said David Feingold, a 30-year-old San Diego resident.

His site, Obamaschocolatenuts.com, occupied the top spot on Google Thursday when Web users typed in “Obama” and “nuts.” Feingold said traffic on his site more than tripled over the usual count.


  1. Oh brother…well, that’s a lucky effect for this guy but just think of all the people now that will rush to get URL’s with that awful name “obama” that rhymes with Osama just in hopes of getting traffic for free. And they both, in different ways, want to see America destroyed.

    Guess Obama just did his part to stimulate the economy, “enso”?

  2. Maybe they will serve these nuts at the Demo convention acceptance speech to the adoring crowd of sheeple. The convention hall is not a grand enough of a stage for B.O. He insists on holding the speech in a stadium. This will be perfect for concessionaires.

  3. That’s funny!