That’s it. I’m dumping BNN.

I’m not an ad fan when it involves women’s body parts. I had trouble with it at the NOW sites (Or if I want to flatter myself, when I was writing for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel! – Sorry – it’s an inside joke that I simply couldn’t resist.) when goofy stuff started showing up on my blog there. Today I popped over to Blog Net News/Wisconsin and ran across a new Singles ad with serious T & A issues.*

Nope. Not for me.

The Wisconsin branch is now being edited by local lefty Chris Liebenthal who writes here and here and here. Oh, and also here. I’m beginning to think of BNN as a shrinking circle. I’ve decided not to be a part of that anymore.

Ah, don’t cry. For most of you it won’t change a thing. For others, it won’t really matter. It’s just change. And since that’s the theme of the season, I suspect it won’t be a bad thing at all.

*Please realize that Chris coming on board as an editor is separate from BNN’s decision to place the ads.