The Guido Shuffle


Unfolding Red
by Guido Brinks found its way home to the Brookfield Public Library today. The sculpture revealed Mayor Jeff Speaker’s cultural side last January in this quote from the MJS:

Raising questions about where public art should be placed, the mayor said he also believed a more “conventional” piece of artwork, such as a brass statue of a grandfather reading books to children on a park bench, would be more acceptable along a highly visible corridor.

“Am I for public art? Yes, I am,” Speaker said. “It’s just that I didn’t support it being right front and center because there may be a few people who do not appreciate it.”

Well I have surprising news for Mayor Jeff Speaker. I appreciate it, it’s art and I’m no expert. But, I can’t say I actually like it. I would have never fought its relocation, though. It’s an asset of the library, and it deserves to be seen. I have no doubt it will grow on me as a familiar landmark on a road I drive a lot.

It’s time to give credit where real credit is due and not to an elected official that wants to grab for glory. Sheila Buechel, the past president of the Friends of the Brookfield Public Library, gets to wear this crown. A few years ago when she first took the helm of the newly formed group, she inventoried the library’s strengths and worked hard to showcase them. In addition to the relocation of this statue, she worked to lower the stained glass sculpture Ictharus and clean up the lobby so that the work would be more easily seen. She also put together a new teen corner at the library with the help of a Brookfield family’s donation and the volunteer effort of a few area teens. The lady is a walking, talking dynamo that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Sheila’s handed the reigns to a new president now, but library lovers – and you’re reading one of the library’s more frequent users – owe Sheila Buechel a heart-felt three cheers. She surely has my thanks for her hard work.

Here’s the last time we talked about the statue.


  1. What the hell is that thing? It looks like a grasshopper with a shotgun. :/

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    I love it! Best part is that Wartman and Speaker were worried it would offend a “few” people. Shows you how out of touch they are. Just remember, a few others and they form the majority on the Planning Commission. Lord knows we don’t want to offend a ‘few’ people, when the majority would be in favor…. NOT