It’s the spending (stupid)

I guess we could also title this: Walgreens, Brookfield, and Tax Hell

A couple of weeks ago the Wisconsin Supreme Court sided with Walgreens against several municipalities regarding the method by which taxes are calculated on the Walgreens rentals. I told you about it on the 8th. Since then I did a little checking and found out that Brookfield was indeed involved in that decision, but not as a defendant. Brookfield paid $550 towards the writing of an amicus curiae – a friend of the court brief – siding with the other municipalities against Walgreens.

The deputy assessor told me last week that Brookfield indeed uses the method struck down by the court, but in such a conservative manner that Walgreens did not add Brookfield to the suit. She suggested that the relevant files will need to be reviewed to assure that Brookfield is in compliance with the ruling.


Also last week the court weighed in on taxing computer programs. The ruling left an estimated $265 million hole in the state budget. At first the local paper declared the need for a special session to remedy the gap; later an all clear was sounded. It will take some time for businesses to be issued the refunds due to them.


Unfortunately, these two rulings are clear examples of tax hell. In both cases, taxes were levied against Wisconsin businesses that TURNED OUT TO BE ILLEGAL. No one would have known that had it not been for hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Wisconsin, and the communities that comprise the state, suck as much from any wallet possible. They only give it back when they are forced.

Until Wisconsin voters clue into the derelict behavior of their local and state elected long enough to realize that they are getting duped, it’s their problem. (Who know what else has been levied that no one is brave enough or rich enough to take to court.) The taxes are levied to support out of control spending.


Today Elmbrook School district residents learned that they’ll be taking up the slack for a group of Central athletic devotees who thought the blessed souls at Central High School NEEDED artificial turf for the football field. Meg Wartmen, school board member serving as president, has twice been reported as a member of that group. The group suckered the very clever school board into paying half (now more than half) of the expense.


Remember, it’s the spending. Wouldn’t it be lovely if that was the new sling phrase come November.


  1. El gato says:

    I would suggest that in the future those who make a promise to pay for unnecessary frills be required to either pay upfront or sign liens on their property. I bet this is typical of those who want frills…but at someone else’s expense.