I asked to be pulled from BNN. The new local editor agreed. Today I got an e-mail from David Mastio, owner/editor, that included this:

Funnily enough, Capper made a mistake when he agreed to remove you from BNN. We consider ourselves a journalistic enterprise and part of our mission is to tell people what is going in the Wisconsin public affairs blogosphere. You are an important part of that blogosphere and we can’t do our job without including you. For that reason, and the fair use elements of copyright law, we have the right to include your blog in our site.

Later I received the message that I’ve been added to the list again. Granted I still have some control. No more rank listing on the blog; no more BNN feed. Ce qui sera.

I remember that most of you don’t give a hoot. The rest of you might be curious, though.

It seems there’s a new world order.


  1. “Funnily”??