Dear David

You win. I quit. I will not be prostituted. Until I figure out how to beat you on this one, I won’t be posting anymore.

By the way – there are updates on Michael Sprinkel, but I won’t be writing them. Maybe the real news can get to it. Also, Steve Ponto from Brookfield never got back to me, so if there’s any work being done to stop the train whistles in Brookfield, we won’t be hearing it from him. Maybe the real news can get to that, too.

Like so much in life, it was fun, until one jerk got in the way…


  1. I understand from some of the students who are friends of my children that he is home awaiting trial or pre-trial hearing. I am surprised the news has not picked up on it. please let us know what you know, as the media has not picked up on it yet. Thanks

  2. I’ve had e-mails that he’s attending girls softball games, too.

    But like I said, maybe the real news will get to work on it…