BNN crosses another line

A contact that has tangled with our resident thief told me to watch for it, that sooner or later BNN would have a search listing higher than my own site USING MY CONTENT.

I did a screen capture and a save in html.

And I am ticked, but it could be money in the bank, so I’ll simmer.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    Well, Dan, as you know, the Internet is a series of tubes.

  2. Shwan, you’re not making sense.

    Dan, it means I can do something I couldn’t do before. I’ll e-mail you later today.

  3. Actually, Cindy, Shawn’s comment was kind of funny even if it wasn’t helpful.

  4. Count me in as one of the puzzled, too.

  5. Shawn Matson says:

    I was trying to make a funny:

  6. Yeah, the “series of tubes” reference is a huge inside joke for just about anyone who works on internet technology on a daily basis.

    Consider yourself in on it now.