So here’s the deal with BNN

David Mastio edits my feed now. Every paragraph with his name doesn’t show up. Honestly, it’s been fun to stick to 50 words. I’ll have what I need soon.

It’s summer – who doesn’t need a little diversion? I guess David Mastio is mine.


  1. I bet “Dâvid Mâstio” would show up.

    So would:

    Dävid Mästio
    Dàvid Màstio
    Dåvid Måstio

    …and the 125 permutations available by combining a, â, ä, à, and å in various pairings. Similar creativity with variations the “i” and the “o” should make filtering a formidable task.

    I should probably add that I personally have no beef with BNN. But I do love to hurdle obstacles…


  2. Dang, that’s good. More details on getting the characters, please. My son tried to show me last night but I couldn’t get them to work in my WordPress box!

    I’ll try cutting and pasting yours for a start.

  3. Hold down the “ALT” key and type the three letter decimal (“DEC”) value of each character, using the Extended ASCII Codes chart for reference.

    And remember Peter, with great power comes great responsibility…