Hey all you BNN bloggers

Do you have the ability to limit your RSS feed to headlines only? I’m running WordPress 2.3.1 and am SOL for now. Any ideas?


  1. You do send out just the summary on the feed, right? I know it’s a pain, but putting anything in the “excerpt” field will cause that excerpt to go out instead of the first 55 words.

    You could also hack the wp-feed file, but that would have to be re-hacked for every update to WordPress.

  2. There’s a plugin called “the_excerpt_reloaded() ” (see: http://www.willoller.com/limiting-title-and-excerpt-length-with-wordpress/) that will give you granular control over your RSS…


  3. Just sent along a solution for that part of the problem. Let’s see if the scrape is beyond the feed.