Me? Not able to compromise?

Granted I obsessed for a couple of days, but in the end, it’s been worth it. Those of you using an RSS feed reader will now see a headline and four words. It will at least let you in on a new post, and I try to write the titles so they search well, which should give you a good idea as to the content.

A title and four words is a compromise for me. I’d still very much like to be removed from the splog site that’s been my focus for the last few days, but it’s not happening under my timetable. I’ll keep trying, but I’ll shut up about it for now. I’ll share with you that I’ve learned an incredible amount of programming in the last two days, and that has been a lot of fun. I’m always thrilled being on the upward slope of a learning curve.

I’ve an e-mail from Brookfield 4th District Alderman Steve Ponto about train whistles. The Journal Sentinel is looking on my site for Mike Sprinkel information, and that might mean a story soon. Plus, there are a couple of guys running for President. Maybe we should talk about that.

Thanks so much for your patience.