So what’s the problem? Jeff Speaker did it.

There’s a story in tomorrow’s paper about the Oconomowoc and Waukesha County elected that took a little road trip. Oconomowoc cut a check to pay back expenses; Waukesha County did not. Attending from Waukesha County according to the article:

County Executive Dan Vrakas
County Board Chairman James Dwyer
Bonnie Morris of Dousman
County Director of Administration Norman Cummings (of Brookfield, if I remember correctly.)

My take? Big deal! Or at least that’s what they say in Brookfield. Mayor Jeff Speaker loaded up the wife and kids and drove to Tennessee. If I remember correctly, he collected mileage for his own car for the trip. When he got there he hopped a private jet and visited a mall or two in another state. (Georgia?) Did anyone give a furry rat’s backside?


I am constantly amazed at what Wisconsin folk ignore. We would have had ourselves a BBQ with these guys as the guests of honor in Oklahoma. Of course, they would have been in handcuffs…