Dear Mr. Mastio (update)

I know we’ve talked before, but I thought I’d ask you, in front of everyone, why you think it’s ok to steal content, but when someone complains, you won’t let them play in your weekly game.

We’re shoved way off to the bottom, kind of like we’re stuck in a corner. And I know it’s not a matter of posting RSS feed vs. what you’ve scraped, because one dissenter still allows feed.

So, while the rest of the bloggers you insist you are making famous in fact get to play in your Sunday “proprietary” rankings, a few of us are relegated to status persona non grata.

Don’t even think that means I want to play. I still want out. I just thought everyone should should have the chance to recognize your bizarre control-freak side.

Update – Well I’ll be darn. I’m wrong. I still want you to drop my site. Doesn’t it bother you that two of the top ten you demand to steal content from want out?


  1. #1 and #6…

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    I think Mastio’s trying to do a peace gesture, Cindy.

  2. So you think he manipulates the rankings, Greg?

  3. Tracy Coenen says:

    Cindy – David is not stealing your content, and no matter how loudly you scream that he is, it doesn’t make it so.

    He’s doing nothing different than what sites like Technorati or Google do: Use technology to create an index of content available on the web, and allow users to go directly to the source of the content if they’d like to read it all.

    Now if you go to Google and demand to be removed. And you do that with every other site that indexes content, someone might take you seriously.

    You’re legally and factually incorrect when you claim BNN is stealing from you.

    Please get over this and find something better to occupy your time.

  4. Tracy, lovely to hear from you. I do believe we have a difference in opinion on this one.

    Interesting line of work you are in, by the way.

    Considering you edit for Mastio, I guess I’ll not worry about your opinion.

  5. Cindy,

    Let’s just say I wouldn’t be personally surprised.

  6. Readers, I thought I’d share what Tracy Coenen puts on her RSS feed:

    “Copyright © 2008 Sequence Inc. All rights reserved. The use of this feed on other websites breaches copyright. If this content is not in your news reader, it makes the page you are viewing an infringement of the copyright.”

    Telling, don’t you think?

  7. Kathryn says:

    Educate me: the RSS feed is what legitimizes the presence of a page in an aggregator? No RSS 0r equivalent, no syndication approved by the author?

  8. Tracy Coenen says:

    Cindy – Thanks for pointing out the erroneous note in my RSS feed. I’m correcting that as soon as I get done writing this. Yes, I do edit for BNN and believe it is a valuable service that is not infringing on anyone’s rights.

  9. Tracy, newly erroneous, I would say.

    Kathryn, RSS is Really Simple Sydication. If you click on the tiny orange box at the top of this page, you can subscribe to a “feed” of the first few words of everything I write. It lets you know something is new.

    People use feedreaders – there are several available but I sucked in to using Google’s since I have a gmail account – to keep track of all of the subscriptions.

    The copyright notice that Tracy had on her outgoing feed – the few words that let everyone know she’d written something – indicates she’s not always been fond of blog aggregators. She thought they were an “infringement of the copyright.”

    Now that she’s working for a blog aggregator, though, her opinion is changing to “to reflect reality right now.” (Per an e-mail she sent me.)

    A blog aggregator is a shyster who takes all of those feeds and republishes them in the attempt to collect advertising revenue., the shyster in question, has many ads on the site. Some of them are sleezy, and that’s what started this whole thing in the first place.

    I have RSS available for my readers, but that is not an invitation to reprint that feed. Ms. Coenen didn’t think so either a few weeks ago.

    Hope that wasn’t too much information!

  10. Tracy Coenen says:

    Cindy – Nice job of reprinting part of what I wrote… which I’m pretty sure you know meant that I’m “changing it right now.”

  11. Yes, I think it’s obvious, Tracy, that you’ve changed your mind about blog aggregators and how you feel they are now entitled to reprint unique content since you are working for one.

    Happy blogging. If you need to continue this it’s probably better to do so by e-mail.

  12. Tracy Coenen says:

    Since I’m working for one? Since? When did I start? And I’m not working, I’m volunteering. And when did that copyright notice go up on my blog? It helps if you’re going to accuse me of something nefarious to actually have some facts on your side.

  13. Tracy, volunteering? Well that makes you a silly girl.

    The feed was from July 19th. That’s a little over a week ago! The post was titled “Ever been pursued by someone recruiting for Amway or Quixtar?”

    Here’s a link to a screen capture.

  14. Tracy Coenen says:

    What does that prove? I’ve already said the message with the copyright notice was erroneous, and I’ve removed it since you pointed out that I had it. But I have no idea what you think you’ve proven here? I’ve not changed my mind about blog aggregators, so you’ve really got nothing here other than a copyright notice I used with an erroneous note. Not impressive at all.

  15. Imagine that. I’ve been blocked from ever commenting on Tracy’s Web site at again.

    I’d bet Tracy Coenen got all of those “doesn’t play well with others” comments in kindergarten.

  16. What a difference a day makes. Or in your case, ten days. I was generous and counted the 28th since it’s after midnight.

    All of the kids are home now so I’m tucking in. Sleep well.

  17. It’s one thing to be extremely arrogant and pompous. It’s another to act it out so publicly. Ms. Coenen must be wanting to turn people off from her viewpoint.

  18. Tracy Coenen says:

    Oh my goodness. The spam filter got you. The world really isn’t out to get you. I promise.

  19. That’s nice. Thanks for deciding to put the comment up. I hope you keep it up.