Obama has free food, two concerts for German crowd

See this?

That’s what three hours of free brats, beer, and pizza, two popular bands, and a wide-angled lens will get you. Of course, the media covering the event left out those details. Read the details, including translated parts of the German announcements, on Gateway Pundit.

This is really getting gross.


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    Of course the masses in Europe gushed over Obama. Europe is very Socialist. They would love to see the U.S. convert from Capitalism to Socialism and Marxism. As the initial concern about Obama was whether or not he is Muslem, I have worried that he is a Socialist. This tour of Europe confirms it in my mind. His history as a “community organizer” also clarifies his political beliefs.

  2. Lucky lady, I have plans to discuss America’s turn towards Socialism in the next couple of days. Thanks for the introduction!

  3. What took you gals so long to figure this out ?

    Your next step is to determine if you can tax and regulate the country into prosperity.

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    I’ve known it from the start. With so many issues to attack, it was a matter of choosing which comes first. It’s all in the timing, you know. Socialism and Marxism are biggies in my book, so it wouldn’t be good for them to be buried in the early campaign. Hopefully it will hit a chord with voters now that election day is fast approaching.