The Associated Press admits the U.S. is winning the war in Iraq

This story by the AP ran on page 5A of the Sunday Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The picture that accompanies the article is a family of seven; two of the children are skipping. The caption admits to full parks every weekend and (gasp!) picnicking in Baghdad.

Time will tell what this admission means for presidential politics. Will Senator and presidential candidate John McCain finally receive the credit he deserves for instigating the surge that now lets children skip through Iraqi parks? Barack Obama is in the process of moving his war policy in line with McCain’s. There will probably be little difference in the two by election time.

And that leave the oil policy as an opening. Time to turn to page 1.


  1. Wait a minute there? McCain instigated the surge? By what mechanism did he do that?

    Heck Mr Straight Talk couldn’t hardly decide if he was in favor of the surge or if he thought it was set up to fail.


  2. Grumps, I’ll concede that maybe the word “championed” is a better fit.

    Salon isn’t a link I’d bother to follow…

  3. Shawn Matson says:

    He voted for it. That qualifies for me.