Make new friends, but keep the old

I am derelict in my blogging duties today, but I have good excuses.

My old next door neighbor was in town, so I had people in for lunch. It’s bittersweet to remember how much time the four of us used to spend together, how we herded children through the neighborhood and never went to the grocery store without making calls to see if someone else needed a few things.

Of course, the children are older, and in most cases taller than any of us. There have certainly been hurdles in each of our lives. Now there are colleges to tour. It’s like you watch the movie in fast forward as everyone tries to catch up.

Old friends are amazing. We still finish each other’s sentences and know what’s not being said. It’s such a fortunate thing to have history with someone.

Tonight is book club, so there won’t be any blogging this evening either. Our book this month is Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen. It is a delightful book.

The book is meant to be light, and that’s what makes it such a good summer read. Built around food and the magic that’s created, this weaves the story of two sisters coming together in a small town. I’m big on endings, and this one was strong. I can’t wait to see what everyone else thought about it.

Book club has been the single most wonderful thing that happened after leaving the Common Council. Meetings more often than not overlapped council meetings, but now I can go. These women are in the middle of building history. Same speed bumps and hills along the way, but a great unconditional acceptance that can sometimes be hard to find in Brookfield.

Happy Summer. I’ll be back tomorrow.