No more Ms. Nice Gal

A few days ago I wrote that we might be doing more of the family’s grocery shopping at V. Richards. Today I have an old neighbor coming by, so I went down to pick up a few things. After this story I hope you’ll understand if I don’t keep to my promise.

The roads are a wretched mess in that part of Brookfield. Calhoun is gravel. Bluemound is full of orange barrels. The service road I used to get to Thomas Drive took two lights to get through the intersection, and there’s no real way of knowing where you are supposed to stop to wait.

My problem was the stop sign leaving Thomas drive for Wisconsin Avenue. Officer XXXX says I didn’t stop. He has a gun so he’s supposed to win.

So, for the first time in 30 years (literally, I received my license 30 years ago tomorrow), I get to go to court. Except I openly campaigned against the new municipal judge that won last April by 12 votes in a city where I ran against the current mayor who is also an ex-cop.

Who says local politics are dull?


  1. Good luck with that. You could plead chaos.

    The intersection of Calhoun and Bluemound needs some signs and monitoring for sure. There are people making left turns from the south-bound lanes in addition to those in the left turn lanes. Other people exiting the Dunhams lot are driving between the barricades and over the new median to get to the left turn lanes–apparently they don’t like the new arrangement.

    As for Thomas and Calhoun, even a bit of yellow tape so a person could figure out which of the orange barrels are marking a lane and which are supposed to bar passage would help. Yes, plead chaos.

  2. Actually, it was at Wisconsin. Just pass the mess.

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    Cindy, If you made it all the way over to Wisconsin Ave. and Thomas Lane, you can plead both chaos and DELIRIUM. The realization that you survived the trip is mind boggling! If you need a witness, I’m available.