A Wednesday wrap up

1) Obama went negative first. They were bound to get negative. There are less than 100 days in the campaign. Negative always, always, wins elections–it’s a sad but true reality from a voting behaviors class I took. And don’t try to yank my chain by calling Obama’s ad “constructive criticism.”

2) I don’t care how much people speculate McCain’s shoes are worth. Businessmen wear expensive shoes. If they are like the spouse they invest in a pair every other year and resole in the opposite year. It still turns out to be less per wearing than what the gal who brought it up probably spends on her designer pairs. (I didn’t use the word “gal” initially, but changed it to be nice!)

I didn’t see anyone speculate on Obama’s millionaire wardrobe. Neither of these candidates is hurting financially. And, it’s much, much more economical than a $400 haircut.

3) It’s my birthday, and I have a crummy cold. So for a birthday present to myself, I’m heading to bed armed with a box of tissues, a glass of green tea, and the remote control. I intend to do as little as possible in the next 12 hours. (Don’t you dare touch a grocery store cart this week without wiping it down! I know three different people with this thing.)


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I owe you a birthday cheesecake, now.

  2. Shawn Matson says:

    Yeah, $520 shoes are extremely egalitarian. I’m sure the “businessmen” (which McCain is not…) also get expensive haircuts. And McCain doesn’t just wear this one set of shoes like you suggested.

    Frankly, I don’t care about the shoes–but you explaining them away is another story. Just admit that he’s just as much a snob as the rest of them.

  3. Not necessarily to the expensive haircuts. The spouse came home neatly sheared for little money yesterday.

    Shawn, I wouldn’t know if McCain or Obama are “snobs.” I do think it’s disingenuous for someone to speculate on the cost of McCain’s shoes. It shows how little the left has to work with when trying to discredit McCain.

    Obama, however, is leaving quite a trail with a European tour and promises broken even as he’s speaking the words.

  4. Chris from Racine says:

    Just wanted to say Happy Birthday and get well soon. I recently came across your blog via Ol Broad and Badger Blogger – gotta say it’s now a daily read!

  5. Ah, shucks. Thanks!

    I sound like the oldest son today. He’s got a voice that rumbles the floors. Hopefully, mine won’t last forever…

  6. To not even raise a finger at McCain getting a potentially expensive pair of shoes but then ensure to criticize Edwards’ haircut is really stretching it. It also shows your bias towards McCain.

    All in all, that’s fine, but don’t be making these examples as “big” reasons why people should suddenly adore McCain.

  7. “Potentially.” Big word that means something here. Find proof and we’ll talk.

  8. Lucky Lady says:

    Expensive shoes are often very comfortable shoes. Who knows, maybe he suffered torture to his feet when he was a POW? Who cares about the shoes? I care about the Socialist making us wear plastic shoes from China if he’s elected.

  9. Kathryn says:

    Proof of “potentially?” Maybe we should debate the definition of “is” while we are at it. Oh wait, that’s been done. This thread sure got convoluted fast.

    I have to agree with Cindy here. McCain is a rich man, he gets to wear any shoes he wants, and he doesn’t need an excuse.