Hippity Hoppity: Obama’s affection for rap challenged

Ludacris wrote a song. Mr. Obama doesn’t like it. (Ok, at least he’s saying he doesn’t like it.) It’s all relevant discussion given Kanye West’s plans to serenade the DNC and Jay-Z’s influence at a past rally.

Like I’ve always told the children – your friends should bring out the best in you. Could it be that Obama is about to publicly have to make new friends?


  1. “(Ok, at least he’s saying he doesn’t like it.) ”

    Was that necessary?

    How about:

    “McCain doesn’t like kiddie porn. (Ok, at least he’s saying he doesn’t like it.) He does enjoy the photography of Life magazine and National Geographic (which also show nakedness.)”

    Seriously. Is your point that there are other hip hop artists he does like, so therefore we can’t take him at his word?

  2. Not really a significant post on the night before McCain heads north to wallow in the mud and the beer with the Hell’s Angels at the Buffalo Chip Campground in Sturgis, is it?

    Will he be endorsing the pro-lynching sentiments of “Beer for my horses,” by Toby Keith along with the rest of the biker-values crowd?

  3. My point is that Obama had a song written about him by the rapper Ludicris and he is saying publicly that he doesn’t like it. Politicians say one thing and mean the other all the time. I have a hard time believing that an egomaniac like our rock star doesn’t like having a song written for him by one of the top rappers in the world.

    Can I make it any more clear?

    By the way, as far as I know Derek, McCain hasn’t made a public statement on kiddie porn. To parallel my argument you would have to claim that someone took pornographic pictures of John McCain as a child and McCain says he doesn’t like it after McCain had publicly endorsed child pornography in the past. Aren’t you the sensationalist for using kiddie porn as an example at all? That is certainly something I wouldn’t have expected from you.

  4. I’m still not seeing the value in adding that. Is the point that secretly we are to believe that Obama commissioned the piece, then public says he doesn’t like it? (there is a big difference between “Obama had a song written about him” and “Someone wrote and performed a song about him”)

    Thanks for recognizing the statement for what it was, ludicrously sensationalist.

    If he can’t say he doesn’t like the song, what’s the guy to do then? Put out a blanket statement that no one should do anything that might be construed as supporting the campaign without running it by him? My guess is everyone would come down on him for being against free speech.

    The overall point of you post is valid – the democrats are going to be hosting some folk who have potty mouths, is this the image they really want to project?

    The message could have been less biased is all.