Why Obama continues to play the race card

Really, the only way he’ll win is if he gets all of those I’m-not-prejudiced Democrats off Obama’s lack of policy and back into I’ll-prove-I’m-not-prejudiced-and-vote-for-Obama territory.


In addition, Gedmin conveyed his thoughts that this presidential decision would be more about race than people want to admit, but that the race card would actually be played in Obama’s favor. More people, he thinks, will be voting Obama to “prove” to themselves that they aren’t racist than because of Obama’s vision or ability. That’s an interesting point to consider.

Is voting America willing to move into a culture of hate and violence perpetuated by race to falsely prove they aren’t racists? I predict we see the race card thrown down every time McCain hits hard, like he did with the Celeb ad.


  1. How in the world can you call the Celeb ad, hard-hitting? McCain picked two has-beens to compare Senator Obama against.

    Is the McCampaign so far out of touch that they believe Spears is still on anybody’s radar?

    Are they so far behind the curve thatthey can’t check to find out that the Hilton’s have given to the max to The Formerly Straight talker?

    MCCain is getting desperate early and his bad temper is starting to show. Couple that with his penchant for wandering off message and the ever clearer picture of his ties to the lobbying industry and his handlers must be beside themselves.

  2. Grumps, follow the numbers. It was a good week for McCain.

    Has beens? I do believe that’s the point. Will Obama have staying power or go the way of those other two self-promoting wunderkinds.