More possible names from the MJS cuts

A few days ago we were promised a list of those leaving the Milwaukee paper. So far, nothing. But, in addition to these names given by Milwaukee World:

Stuart Carlson
Gary Markstein
Joanne Cleaver
Paul Sevart
Jerry Resler
Stanly Miller
Mary Zahn
Amy Rinard
Larry Sussman
Alan Borsuk
Joanne Weintraub
Tim Cuprisin

I got wind of these today:

Avi Lank (business columnist)
Mike Nichols (columnist)
Anne Klemm (deputy national editor)
Laura Thompson (education editor)

I guess we’ll have to wait to see for sure if these are accurate.

Update – August 5 – Cuprisin says he’s staying.


  1. But they’re keeping McIlheran. And are we supposed to keep believing the meme about liberal media?

  2. Agreed, Capper.

    Considering that they’re keeping PaddyMac over some of the well-known journalists is just…something.

    Perhaps the JS feels conservatives will save their newspaper.

  3. Uhem. You guys should probably remember the people leaving at this point are accepting a voluntary buyout – not getting canned.

    Surely one lone conservative writer in a sea of liberal blabber can’t possibly be offending your delicate sensibilities.

  4. Well as you know, Cindy, apparently I’m quite delicate in personality. EXTREMELY delicate!

  5. Thought I’d pass along an interesting post on the future of newspapers by someone who just left the LA Times:

    Given MJS execs have seriously questioned the value of their interactive division (at a time where it was the only money making division), it really does seem that the current newspaper fiasco is not limited to the ones Sam Zell touches.

  6. Whoops, I see you had this. Feel free to delete the previous comment.

  7. No problem leaving it up Derek, I think it’s interesting we caught the same piece!


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