Need a new tire pressure gauge?

McCain’s campaign will send you one with a $25 donation. Go ahead. Own a piece of history!

From the campaign:

Americans across the country are feeling the effects of high gas prices and our need to expand domestic oil production.

John McCain says we need offshore oil drilling and we need it now. Senator Barack Obama has consistently opposed offshore drilling – calling it a “gimmick.” Senator Obama’s solution to high gas prices is telling Americans to make sure their tires are inflated.

Today, I’m asking for your help in putting Senator Obama’s “tire gauge” energy policy to the test. With an immediate donation of $25 or more, we will send you an “Obama Energy Plan” tire pressure gauge. Will simply inflating your tires reduce the financial burden of high gas prices on your wallet?

It’s clear Senator Obama has no plan to address the energy challenges we face as a nation. He has said no to offshore drilling, no to expanding domestic drilling and no to nuclear energy. He has no plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

John McCain is prepared to lead our country as president to break our dependence on foreign oil with real solutions. John McCain believes we should lift the federal ban on offshore drilling, enabling you to decide where we drill for oil.

But John McCain won’t be able to enact these policies without your help in electing him as our next president.

Please help us put Senator Obama’s energy plan to the test – donate $25 or more for your very own “Obama Energy Plan” tire pressure gauge.


  1. Will he wrap that up with one of the little chunks of his dignity that he sheds every time he cheapens the debate in this way?

    He knows and you know that Senator Obama only referred to tire pressure and a tune-up in passing. It was no more the centerpiece of his policy than the man in the moon.

    The truly funny part is that by following Senator Obama’s advice the average driver could save as much as 12 cents a gallon while drilling offshore might someday have a 6 cent impact.

    Let McCampaign send out tire gauges. They might as well do something useful in between hacking off their donors by insulting their children.

  2. Cheapening the debate? What debate? Obama ran from McCain’s request to meet side by side for town hall gatherings.

  3. McCain will get his three shots. He’d better have something better than paris Hilton to run on. That weak stuff has a short shelf life.

  4. This is funny!

    I agree with grumps, generally, about the tone of the contest. Some McCain supporters are cheapening the debate (nice way to put it, btw), but this IS funny and it doesn’t do much damage–only those already in the McCain camp are going to pay $25 for a tire gauge. I hope they enjoy it.

  5. Shawn Matson says:

    He sounds kinda whiny, don’t you think?

  6. He, who, Shawn. Grumps?

  7. Shawn Matson says:


    Chuck Schumer gets it right:

    “”I think McCain is not an attractive candidate. Give him credit for what he did for his country, but right now voters are asking: ‘Do you understand my plight and can you help make it a little better? And I don’t think McCain wins on either answer.”

  8. Who’s Chuck Schumer?

    Cindy Kilkenny says, “I think Obama is not an attractive candidate. Give him credit for a swift rise to fame, but right now voters are asking: ‘Do you understand how naive these policies are, and how can you be ready to lead when you keep changing your policies based on polling?’ And I don’t think Obama wins on either answer.”