Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker battles for BCVB change

There are no complaints, no documented concerns about performance, but the mayor wants money funneled to the Brookfield Convention and Visitor’s Bureau sent to someone else.

The unasked (again) question? Just who is so interested in spending Brookfield’s money that the mayor would champion this change? A major change like this doesn’t just happen because the mayor thought it up. Trust me, the mayor doesn’t think much up. This change is being implemented because someone else wants access to the room tax revenues.

Any ideas as to who has their palm upturned?


  1. Didn’t Speaker hire some ad agency fundraiser outfit from downtown to run his campaign? I’d look for the payback there.

    Clever how your girl Lisa Mellone is following the same plan you tried to become mayor. Oppose every new development, oppose road widening, oppose Speaker’s plan on visitor bureau, oppose, oppose, oppose. Lots of points to get the anyone but Speaker vote. Now if she just got her hair done she’d get all the guy votes to.

  2. Pretty damning language from a used car salesman. Sexist, too.

    Should we explain who you are?

  3. Lisa Mellone is a fine, upstanding citizen who has contributed to this community for years. She makes every effort to communicate with residents in her district and represents us faithfully. She is District 7’s girl, Bub, and we are lucky to have her.

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    Same sentiments here as Kathryn on Ald. Lisa Mellone. She is a very hard worker. She does her homework and tries to represent her constituents. That’s sure more than I can say about a lot of other aldermen. And it’s easy to vote against the Mayor. He doesn’t listen to the residents, except a chosen few.