Confused about the candidates’ energy policies?

Me, too. So I’m setting out to do a a little research. For starters, here’s Barack Obama’s plan. Here’s John McCain’s.

We thought Obama had changed his stance on offshore drilling, but now we’re hearing otherwise from none other than Indiana Senator Evan Bayh.

I think it’s important to review this USA Today/Gallup poll from a week or so ago.

Both candidates want better gas mileage, alternative energy work, and improved conservation. (69%) Only Obama wants a windfall profits tax. (58%) He also wants to pull 70 million gallons from the strategic reserves to quickly reduce gasoline prices, but that wasn’t measured by the poll. McCain endorses the ideas of offshore drilling and more nuclear power. (57% and 47%) McCain also suggested suspending federal gas taxes. (46%) Yet, 41% thought Obama had a better energy plan than McCain.

It’s a serious disconnect, and voters need more information. I think you can expect more smokescreens in Obama’s future, though. Just like he fogged voters with this offshore drillling on-again-off-again news, there will be more in the future to blur voters minds on the energy issue. Plus, there’s the need to wade through the gimmicks – Obama’s windfall profits tax on those big, bad oil compaines, draining of the strategic oil reserves, and adding another rebate to voters to be used on energy and McCain’s gas tax holiday – to get to the core of the policies.

By the way, McCain suggested offshore drilling and Obama a windfalls profit tax before this poll was published. That the issues are becoming the core of the policy debates, well that’s happened after this poll.


  1. I saw an Obama ad on TV in which he said he will get 1 million hybrids on the road getting 150 mpg! Is this guy insane? Where is he hiding the technology for this? The sad thing is that many of the voters will buy this stupidity. We will NEVER be free from buying foreign oil, but at least we should be drilling and keeping the money in our own economy. Is common sense a thing of the past? I’m not voting for either of these clowns!

  2. Just like every energy planof the last several decades that would give us independence from foreign oil, these plans have no real details of what will be done with existing technology to make it happen. It’s all just smoke and mirrors! If anyone thinks O’s plan to take profits from the oil companies and give it to people as “rebates” is a good idea ought to move to one of the socialist countries of the world! Just remember that all of these promises depend on Congress passing legislation that the Prez can sign or veto. It will be VERY dangerous for us to have the current crop of socialist Dems controlling congress with O as prez. It will be way worse than anyone can imagine!