Paris Hilton: ready to lead.

Oh, come on. You knew it was coming! Dis a starlet with too much money and you get:

Keep in mind her energy proposal sounds very similar to McCain’s “all of the above” approach. And, it perpetuates McCain’s assertion that Obama isn’t ready to lead. Given that the Hiltons are contributors of McCain’s, a girl’s gotta ask if there’s more than meets the eye in this response.

Oh, please, Paris, I didn’t mean more of YOU needs to hit the eye. You pretty much took care of that already.


  1. Obama Mama says:

    Best policy yet.

  2. You go girl!

  3. Is she a possible V.P. candidate ?

  4. I don’t believe it.

    Paris can read?


  5. C. Adams says:

    Can I say write in? All the candidates this election jokes why not just elect Paris, at least there will be some excitement