McCain ad takes the words right out of Dems mouths


  1. How does this sit with the red-meat true-believers who said that McCain’s conservative credentials didn’t measure up? Will this help them make the decision to stay home in November?

  2. Conservatives don’t stay home. They hold their nose and vote.

    All those newly registered kids might bail, though, now that Obama dumped his stance on the war.

  3. I always wondered how Sensenbrenner got elected.

    I think that given the choice between 16 months and a hundred years those kids will be fine.

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    I do believe McCain’s stance was not to stay for 100 years, but to stay until the job was done. It would be terrible to pull out the troops, then to have to send them back in to start the war all over again. How many kids will we lose then???

    As far as “newly registered kids,” why couldn’t they just register at the polling place if they cared about their vote? Did you notice that the liberal JournalSentinel put the important ACORN voter fraud story below the fold line on Thursday’s front page? We now know that the whole “get out the vote” program is just a fancy name for voter fraud. I love my country too much to stay home in November.


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