New poll shows voters trust McCain more on energy

This is worthwhile reading. McCain’s energy plan gained 8 points in two months.

While those surveyed have an open palm to Obama’s planned $1,000 rebate, there are mixed opinions as to the worthiness of a windfalls profit tax. 25% of those polled remain undecided. 42% think a tax will lead to higher gas prices.


  1. Why would they trust McCain?

    His current energy policy wasn’t really formulated until after the big fundraiser three weeks ago.

    He wants nukes but has no plan for dealing with nuclear waste.

    He’s against farm subsidies and subsidies for ethanol.

    His “all of the above” policy is really a “more of the same” policy.

  2. Grumps, you wish. Like I said earlier, don’t you think his success with that fundraiser had a little something to do with your candidate’s windfall profits tax? You’re blaming the wrong guy.

    By the way, I’m against farm subsidies and subsidies for ethanol. Does your statement mean you are for them?

  3. As it turns out today, it looks as if McCain’s success with that fundraiser had more than a little to do with a campign worker who was a paid lobbyist for Hess as little as 3 weeks ago.

    I am for a subset of farm subsidies in a subsidized world economy, yes.

  4. The $1000 rebate plan is a cynical attempt to buy votes! If you take money away from the oil companies, they will either have to cut back on investments or raise prices. Is that so hard to understand? Of course, the beggars that we have become have our hands out for anything that looks like a freebee. We are so dumb that we pay ever higher taxes and fees without a squeak, and line up to vote for the very people who are going to let the tax cuts expire. That’s a tax increase folks! It’s so easy to become disgusted with what we have become as a nation!

    I agree that farm subsidies and ethanol subsidies are another vote-buying plan that we meekly go for. I was just with a man who was president of a bank in rural Iowa town and he told me that the farmers are “rolling in dough” but whining that the government should be doing more for them.
    Last year his lands that he owns and rents out yielded 200 bushels of corn per acre at $7 per bushel. The average farm he owns is 440 acres and he owns a bunch of them. You do the math folks, and then wonder why you are working to give the farmers part of your earning.