Not fit for Percheron Square

That high end fitness center and the retail associated with the club are out at Percheron Square. That’s VK’s big news, and why he pulled the plan initially. (Anyone remember the name of the next best thing for Brookfield? I couldn’t recall…)

The city was lying to call it “civic/institutional use” anyway. Now it’s all to be replaced with more office space. The new numbers and lack of any civic use completely blow through the concept of a planned development district. Still, you can bet your plan commissioners as led by Brookfield Mayor Jeff Speaker will bend over backwards to kiss the ground the developer walks on. Such is the way of our Brookfield world under this administration.

You can read the staff report on next Monday’s Plan Commission meeting if you want more details.


  1. Lucky Lady says:

    First VK presents this big project with the Princeton health club masquerading as a “civic/institutional use in order to gain resident approval. Then he revises the plan, eliminates the health club (civic/institutional) and increases the square footage of the project and hopes we won’t notice the expanded square footage. I hope and pray someone on the Plan Commission will say “enough is enough.” Why was a 2020 Master Plan written if it is never followed? Will someone please get a conscience on the Plan Commission and say “No?”

  2. Thanks for recalling the name of the club, Lucky Lady.

    This really is a gross prostitution of the Planned Development District. I wish I could wonder how this one will go. Of course, what really happens is whatever VK wants, VK gets.

    I wonder if the way Jeff Speaker has botched the Master Plan will follow him to the next election.