The ultimate compliment for any photographer…

…is the utterance, “I wish I had taken that image.” (Photographers take images while the rest of us take pictures.) I was thrilled when a photo popped up this weekend that made me say just that.

The youngest had a group of friends head to France with Brookfield East and the amazing Madame Kos. Their pics are showing up on Facebook now that they are home. Fortunately, a number of these youngsters (awe, come on you guys! I get to have a little fun!) have befriended me over the year. I have access to their online photo albums.

This morning one hit the digital airwaves that I thought was cool. But then I gasped “Oh my!” And then I gasped again.

The mark of a good image is one that pleases initially. Then it offers a surprise. A great image keeps giving, offering more detail each time you look. You go back to it a few times in the day wondering if there’s anything you’ve missed.

This snap wasn’t composed over hours; it was composed in a minute. And yes, we can all get lucky, but it doesn’t make it any less wonderful.

Surely something surprised you today. Did you take the time to make it important?