Obama’s halo

Check these pictures out if you have a minute.

H/T: Texas hold ’em blogger


  1. Here’s some good pictures of the Bush halo too!

    Or how about some McCain photos?

  2. I saw a few in the comments of the link I gave. There are a couple of mugs, too.

    Zach, ya know there’s no animosity, but one McCain shot doesn’t quite compare.

  3. There’s actually two of McCain, and more than that of George W. Bush. Does that mean there’s a vast media conspiracy to portray Bush as our messiah?

    My point in all this is that it’s just over the top.

  4. Yes, it is. But it’s also kind of funny. I think that’s how I meant it.

  5. come on people. these are only selected few of the hundreds or thousands of pictures taken. it doesnt really mean anything. oh and i have one of my own taken infront of the bathroom door. i guess that make me an angel. or maybe a conspiracy. cool pics though

  6. I think it’s funny, too.