BC (2) refuses to release donor information

BC (2) – Brookfield Central Booster Club – has refused a request for donor information made by Fairly Conservative.

The organization, of which Elmbrook School Board President Meg Wartman has twice been reported as a member and once as not, won the confidence of the school board a few years ago when they requested matching funds for a significant improvement project, including artificial turf, for the Brookfield Central football field.

Brookfield, doesn’t it bother you just a little bit that an arm of the school district, one that entered into and then defaulted on a contract with the school board, is subject to absolutely no public oversight of any kind?


  1. The school board is public oversight. I’m ok with them dealing with it first.

  2. BrkfldDad says:

    Yeah, but there’s a pretty good conflict of interest when one of the members of the private group is the President of the School Board. This one doesn’t pass the sniff test, and has ruined the potential for future cooperative work between private entities and the board (i.e. Elmbrook swim club). CK, what is BC(2) incorporated as? If 501(c)3, aren’t they required to at least make public substantial donors. I sense that the donors have been minimal and the fundraising efforts have fallen well short of bridging the gap.

  3. It doesn’t appear they are incorporated as anything.

    What’s at issue here? The group made a contract with the board to provide funding in exchange for an advance. Any other enterprise making a contract with the board would be under the rules of Wisconsin’s open records law. Why not this one?

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    He all ready pooped out new uniforms for the team. If I were him, I’d avoid coming to the ‘rescue’ of BC(2), otherwise everytime the athletic department needs help they’ll have their hands out to him.