Majority of Americans think McCain is better choice to lead

New polling is out from Rasmussen today that shows 51% of Americans think John McCain is the better choice should there be a similar crisis in the future to Russia’s invasion of Georgia. Only 36% think Barack Obama is worthy.

By the way, 59% see the aggressive move as a threat to American security, but only 31% think we should do anything about it through diplomatic channels.

I have a very uneasy feeling that someday we’ll look back to this invasion of the beginning of something bigger.


  1. Especially if the saber-rattlers like McCain get their way. It’s as if he thinks there’s a blank page to start his “Ossetian Defense” from.

    The McCain/Bush wing needs to realize that Russia knows our military has been depleted by Iraq and Afghanistan. Russia smashed their best and brightest against Afghanistan once so they have an idea of what happens to a force in that situation.

    Once again, the Bushites have got us dealing from a position of weakness just through sheer, unmitigated hubris.

  2. My recollection is that Russia was defeated in Afghanistan and left with their tail between their legs. We went in and took command in short order. That sends a message to the Russians that our military is more competent than theirs. The fact that they attack a tiny neighbor shows just who incompetent they are! Europe and the U.S. need to face up to the fact that Putin is a KGB goon, and we should slap sanctions on them and keep them out of the WTO.

  3. Shawn Matson says:

    I reckon the same thing is happening to use in Afghanistan, Grant. There isn’t much order in Afghanistan…it’s the shadow sibling of the Iraq War.