Questions and Answers: Who’s leading the city when it comes to flooding trouble?

On July 11th, Director of Public Works Tom Grisa wrote a memo to the Aldermen and Alderwomen and the Mayor outlining the June 2008 flooding incident. Towards the end he writes:

We welcome your thoughts on the methods identified in the attachment and on this report in general.

For the record, Tom Grisa confirmed today that 6th district Alderman Jerry Mellone was the only alderman to provide a written summary of his concerns and ideas.

Mellone’s work, and Grisa’s response, are available in this document Grisa wrote on August 4th. This is good back and forth, an exchange of ideas by Mellone who understands the plumbing side and Grisa who has the city’s history.

5th district Alderman Scott Berg wants you to think it’s bad, though. He put Mellone’s ideas on his blog with assertions that Mellone is out to make money off the desire to correct flooding problems for Brookfield residents. Berg never acknowledges that Tom Grisa had provided a response to Mellone – one that’s incorporated into Berg’s work – the same day as Berg’s evening post. I think it’s remarkably disingenuous, but so typically Scott Berg, to exclude Grisa’s memo from the documents he posted.

As usual, Berg’s jealousy of Mellone’s leadership means Mellone’s a target. Alderman Scott Berg has a problem when he thinks he’s lost the limelight. A diseased appendix here, hateful comments there, the guy’s not exactly a pillar of respectability.

Conspicuously missing on this issue? Mayor Jeff Speaker. Will he participate at tonight’s meeting, or will he let his appointment, none other than Scott Berg, talk for him on this important subject?



  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Pretty interesting (I think there are stronger words) that Jerry Mellone was the only alderperson to write comments back to Grisa. I doubt any alderperson could assert that they verbally communicated their thoughts back to Grisa, as his memo is a bit too detailed just to verbalize comments back to him. Even more intrigung when you consider the substantial basement flooding in Berg/Mahkorn’s district.

  2. I was the person who emailed Berg last year regarding the site analysis/fire station relocation. I emailed him some ideas and applications that my company provides for these types of analysis. He then contacted my boss. My neighbor made me aware that this was noted on the BrookfieldNow website when you had a blog there. He called me out of the blue a while back asking for the records of that email transaction which I had. If you want to compare ( I believe you picked up the copy that he made) with what is actual vs. what he gave you– please let me know. I had no idea how hatefull this man is.

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    In reading the report from Mr. Grisa addressing Ald. Mellone’s suggestions, it sounds like Mellone brought up valid ideas for discussion. An open-minded discussion might find some solutions that haven’t been tried yet. I didn’t notice any effort to sell product as Ald. Berg suggests. If Ald. Mellone only wanted to sell plumbing, why would he repeatedly vote against over-development?

    Some people are willing to offer their expertise to help out. I think Mr. Mellone is suggesting that knowledge is power, or possibly a dry basement.

  4. Fubar – thanks so much for keeping in touch! Berg dumped your e-mail because he was afraid of getting in trouble. I pursued the issue as an open records request, which by law he knew he had to fill, because Berg had been bragging about how how he tried to get you in trouble at work.

    Maybe someday Brookfield will figure out how very, very odd Berg is. His Jekyll and Hyde behavior can be very intimidating, but the more people know, the less likely he is to succeed in his bully approach.

  5. Bdad – Mahkorn doesn’t do more than fill a chair and vote with the Mayor. Berg feigns interest when he thinks it might keep him elected. The people of the 5th district are foolishly complacent to keep the two.

    With the widening of North Avenue imminent, it will be interesting to see how they survive.

  6. BrkfldDad says:

    Widening of North imminent? Is there something firm in place that hasn’t hit the radar? I know the potential has always existed, and the right of ways defined, but the project never looks to be on the map going forward. I know the preference is to widen from 124th westward first, but always understood, eventually the cost/engineering of widening from Brookfield to Barker was near impossible.

  7. Palerider says:

    I know whose in charge, The fire department.
    Their the only ones you see from the city when your basement floods.