Colin who?

Fox is reporting that Colin Powell will endorse Barack Obama.

I know. There’s no way this presidential race would ever be about, well, race.


  1. Nor will it ever be about the W administration.

  2. Kathryn, it’s me being blunt again, but what sucks so badly for you than change is necessary? How do you expect government to do that?

  3. Lucky Lady says:

    I guess Powell is more black than Republican. Now we know. Do you suppose he’s the VP choice?

  4. Nah. Subsequent stories have Powell denying the Fox story. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if he endorses Obama or not.

  5. I am hoping for a president who honors the constitution (vetos instead of signing orders that prevent execution of new laws, balance of powers instead of presidential supremacy, habeas corpus, court orders for wire taps, no torture) who upholds military conventions that we have long adhered to as a nation (Geneva Convention, Just War), who has enough common sense to plan for the aftermath of any military incursions (pottery barn rule), who listens to the smart people he hires to advise him (Rice, Powell, Whitman) instead of blind adherence to an ideology that presumes success. I’m hoping for our nation to be respected in the world again, rather than just feared (Canada warned it’s citizens that travel to the US could be dangerous.)

    John McCain could fix those things, but he is so tarred by his association with the current office holder that the election pretty much belongs to any Democrat who can get the nomination–unless the Democrat loses it. McCain wins if Obama falls. It stinks for McCain, but that’s how it is. If Obama falls, it should be over an issue of substance, and blackness isn’t it.

    And yes, I feel particularly vulnerable to the renditions and the wire taps. I used to worry about my husband when he was out of the country, now I worry about what our guys might do to him too.

  6. That wasn’t quite what I asked, but thanks.

  7. Kathryn, you apparently haven’t read the Constitution lately…or comprehended what it says about the powers delegated to the federal government. We haven’t had a President, Congress, or Supreme Court that follows the Constitution for a very, very long time. I have a feeling that most people, especially liberals, could care less about the Constitution and just want “free” lunches! Some of your comments are quite silly in my opinion.

  8. What’s your point, Grant? You think my list should be longer?

  9. Cindy, the reality based media are reporting that General Powell has, “better things to do than contemplate the fantasies of William Kristol.”

    Could somebody give Grant a little nudge, please. He’s stuck on an old talking point.

  10. Shawn Matson says:

    Grant, Kathryn just demonstrated that she cares about our constitution. The fact that the constitution hasn’t always been followed isn’t a justification of Bush’s policies, it’s a cop out.

    Grumps is right, Grant, that’s an old talking point and doesn’t really have much to do with what Kathryn said.

    That being said, I think that Powell’s support might possibly be about more than race. Remember, Powell quit the Bush administration, and he has been quiet about Republicans for a long time.

    I get the sense that Powell realized what he helped do (Iraq) and now realizes him and his former buddies were wrong. Except his buddies won’t admit to it. But i’m sure blackness is a part of it, too…

  11. Kathryn….I’ll make it real simple so you can understand….GW is not running in the 2008 election.

  12. No kidding? She didn’t ask who was running; she asked what I was ticked off about.

  13. No, actually Kathryn I asked what sucks so badly that you need change.

  14. Well, I guess “sucks so badly” is subject to interpretation. Those are the kinds of changes I think could be made by a president.