The orator of his generation

Compare this clip to those Obama chants you’ve been hearing. O-ba-ma. O-ba-ma. O-ba-ma.


H/T: Phelony Jones


  1. The History Channel runs a little show about how the Free Masons and the Skull and Bones control America and are plotting to take over the world. If they’re right, well….Obama isn’t a Yale man.

  2. OMG- Yankee fans used to chant just like that for Reg-gie, Reg-gie. Spread the word. Senator Obama is secretly working for George Steinbrenner to overthrow the government.

  3. Grumps, you have a deliberate habit of confusing issues.

  4. BrkfldDad says:

    Okay, I have to admit at first I thought you might be a bit over the top linking Hitler and Obama, except perhaps for the pied piper/supportive zealots similarity of both. But after reading this, the common lack of respect for human life may be more profound than I realized.

  5. Shawn Matson says:

    It was a joke, and it was funny, Cindy!

  6. You thought it was a joke, Shawn, and you thought it was funny. I didn’t.

    I thought it was an attempt to move away from the important issue of Obama’s Hitler-cult-like popularity in Germany and into something more like baseball and Mom’s apple pie. You guys may think choosing a president is a laughing matter, but I’m loosing my sense of humor on the topic.

  7. Obama Mama says:

    Let’s be serious, John McCain supporters would be doing the same thing if they had any yelp left in their voice or were young enough to raise their arms higher than their shoulders.

    But, just in case…thank God I have blond hair and blue eyes!

  8. O’Mama (I just got home from IrishFest so that seems appropriate), I’ll take you on in a yelping contest anytime you’d like. 🙂

  9. Obama Mama says:

    Wow Cindy…you have sure perked for having lost your “sense of humor on the topic”.

  10. That’s what a couple of beers will do for a girl. Rest assured I’m my usual crabby self today.

  11. Let’s just say I can see a comparison which leaves a lot to be desired. Crowds have cheered for great speakers since time untold. This is a silly, silly reason to contend that someone should or shouldn’t be elected.

  12. Oh, no, Grumps. I was suggesting that Obama might be evil and draws crowds just like that other evil guy.

    Evil is a really good reason not to be elected POTUS.

  13. Obama Mama says:

    And heaven forbid we’d want other countries in support of our president!

  14. Countries? Sure. Hungry rock fans? Big whoop.

    Our allies will be our allies almost without concern as to who sits as president.

  15. BD, I researched Obama’s position on abortion several months ago, and I think Mr. Buchanan overstates his case.

    I can’t recall details, but in a nut shell, Obama was not supporting partial birth abortion per se, but opposing language in the bill that he thought could be used to ascribe rights to a fetus and thereby undermine other rights. (His reasoning may be flawed; there are detailed arguments about that on the web. On the other hand, no one is going to be struggling for life–as Buchanan suggests–after that abominable “procedure”; the purported point of the bill may be mute.) In short, Obama is still pro-choice, but not to the extreme suggested by some of his opponents. On the subject of respect for human life, I am much more concerned about Peter Singer than Obama. Singer has wide influence and much less scrutiny.

    Buchanan said he was making a Catholic argument, and in that context, his conclusion is probably on the mark even if his argument was sensational. If abortion is a make-or-break issue for someone, that person really can’t support Obama. If one is a middle-ground sort, then there may be some room.

    Interestingly, the Democratic platform folks have been working with evangelicals to produce a new statement that encompasses ways to reduce demand for abortions. This too is already being subjected to outrageous claims from people of both sides of the issue–people who oppose any middle ground.

  16. Wow Cindy, I didn’t think I’d ever see you buy into the talking points and draw a comparison between Obama and Hitler. I’m stunned.

  17. Shawn Matson says:


  18. Obama gives me the creeps in a way that I can’t articulate well enough to even make my case. It’s not exactly news, you know.

  19. Kathryn – how could a Democratic “statement” reduce demand for abortions? I’ve always thought that reducing demand is key – that’s why I’m on the council for the Woman’s Initiative for United Way – but a statement?

  20. Cindy that was an aside, not an endorsement. I haven’t read it, but my understanding was that it was advocating ways to reduce demand, like the work you’re doing, rather than a suggestion that reduced demand would be a good idea. This is where I read about it:

    Wallis and Campolo are people I admire. (Wallis, at least, has long addressed social ills that may contribute to high rates of unplanned pregnancy. Campolo is more a teacher/preacher.) Even so, some of the comments (like now Catholics can support Democrats!) are a little off the wall. Maybe more context would have helped.

    This issue is like gun ownership vs. gun control: the terms of the debate get defined by the extremes, so real progress is hard.

  21. Shawn Matson says:

    Kathryn was talking about the Democratic platform, which is looking for more policies that would reduce the demand for abortions.

    So they (like the Republicans) come out with an official platform every 4 years, which means nothing, but is comprised of policy proposals, such as how curb demand for abortion.

    Hope that helps.

  22. Well we all know platforms are more important than beliefs and actions.

  23. BrkfldDad says:


    In most cases, I tend to agree that Buchanan is on the fringe right and he’ll slant his opinion that way. But, on this one, to use Cindy’s term, I get the ‘creeps’. He does lead off with the Catholic heading, but makes a Christian argument. Whether or not he overstates the case, there’s one very apparent point here that sticks in my gut. Obama is so far left on this, had he been in the Senate, he could have been a minority of one in this case. Being a smart politician I don’t know that he’d have voted that way, but I truly believe his beliefs lie there.

  24. That is a sobering thought. Thanks, BD.