Democrats whine about GAO report on corporate taxation

The blogs and papers are full of outrage over those rich corporations not paying taxes. You see, a couple of those bright guys in our nations government demanded a report on corporate income. The report states that two-thirds of America’s corporations didn’t pay taxes every year from 1998 to 2005.

While the findings have given many lefties cause for despair, the rest of us aren’t even blinking.

You need income before you pay taxes. The tax code allows for a multitude of deductions that stand against revenue. If you really want to change something, get rid of the code and tax everyone one a percentage of revenue or wages. Wouldn’t that mess with the lobbyists who hammer the elected for industry favors through the code.

Read an intelligent discussion of the issue from the Marketplace of Ideas.


  1. But if two-thirds are paying no taxes now, what is the “Tax-hell”, “Punitive business tax” raving from AFP,CRG,CFP,WILF all about? Is it possible that they have no idea what they’re talking about?


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