Obama on the world

What’s worth dying for?

Freedom. (Inconsistent – America’s freedom is ok, but everyone else can lump it?)

Forged alliances are in our national interest.

When would he commit troops to end the genocide? No hard and fast line. Always a judgment call. If we have it within our power to prevent mass killing and genocide and we can work internationally to get help, we should do it.

Bosnia was ok.

(But Saddam Hussein’s genocide of 50,000 didn’t count? Obama’s really inconsistent here.)

Help with adoption instead of orphanages? He’s for it.

Religious persecution? Bear witness…and then…uh, waiting…can’t ignore persecutions. Speak out; join in forums that point out absence of freedom in religion. Not just Christians – we have to lead by example. We need religious tolerance in the United States.

Human trafficking is growing. Obama says it needs to be a top priority to prosecute those who are engaging in human trafficking. He admits there are people trapped in slavery here in our country.