About North Avenue in Brookfield

Go read Mr. Happy Pants. Have you ever, ever, heard the county admit that North Avenue will be widened? Me either. I think it’s a fair observation to say that North Avenue will be widened before those living next to the road want it to be. Surprise! This includes 5th District Alderman Scott Berg. His property does not technically share a border with North Avenue, but there are only a few feet, and the backyard view is a clear shot to North Avenue.


Potential buyers deserve to know the widening is being planned. Is it irresponsible for an elected official to try to convince you otherwise? Is it unethical for him to make an argument that all is well without disclosing his own property interest? That’s entirely up to you.

I think it’s a hoot the man can’t write anything lately without including me. You’ll see that Berg takes aim at BrkfldDad, too.

(PS – Scott – cut and paste from Word messes with the blog software you use. You blew the formatting again on your post.)