Brookfield’s public meetings the week of 8/13/08

Here’s the full list of meetings and agendas for this week. Not everything is business as usual.

On Tuesday, Alderwoman Lisa Mellone gets an airing on her requests to silence garbage collection between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. each day. Also, she’s asking the city’s policy be revised to allow community organizations to have links from the city’s Web site. I’ve not spoken to Alderwoman L. Mellone about either issue, but I think both are good ideas.

As the city continues the push to urbanize, garbage collection from high density areas often conflicts with residential enjoyment. Many times the hours noise is allowed is written into separate developers agreements. Also, even in residential areas, collection times that are too early can really mess with a morning. It would make sense to have one rule for everyone.

Many other communities allow links out for community organizations on the government Web site. It’s a worthy method to promote the community. Some even put meetings on a common calendar. I can see this as a helpful move from the City of Brookfield, too.

Expect her ideas to catch flak from one or two of Brookfield’s grumpier elected.

Also this week is a public hearing for the PDD in Brookfield’s village area. This plan has been vexed from the beginning and has come back a couple of times now in hopes to be finished. Always at issue has been the parking for the area. The train company has never been pleased with the concept of a long-term lease for the stalls the city required. The city’s caving on this project and requiring less parking for the new all-residential Phase II. The city caves on most of what is required from developers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

The Council will vote to send the Percheron Square rezoning to public hearing because (pick your argument, but it will be along the lines of) “it deserves a public airing.” In a few weeks it will probably pass the rezoning because (again, a common argument) “only a small group of people opposed the plan.” Whatever it is, you can bet what VK wants, VK gets – even when the company no longer has VK in the title. Don’t forget this one is being driven by former plan commission Mike Faber as his company is set to build the majority of the office space in the plan.