Do you participate in Web social networking?

There’s a part of most of us that wants to stay connected, to know what’s going on. Have you added your name to Facebook or one of the other social networking sites in the last year?

I’m on Facebook. Originally it started as a plan to keep an eye on the youngest’s activity there. Now I have my own fun and friends. But I’m curious about how many other grown ups participate. I’m also interested in whether or not you’re on more than one site.


  1. Shawn Matson says:

    I’m not a “grownup” per se, as I sort-of grew up with the social networking phenom.

    That being said, Facebook is my premier site (Cindy and I are Facebook friends! Cute, isn’t it?). I tried Myspace, Flickr, Digg, Twitter. I guess i’m just a facebook guy.

    I think if I knew more people on Twitter I would love it dearly.

  2. I am not on any social networking website — not yet anyway. I guess I’m not sure about “putting myself out there” more than I already am. A weird, almost “stalkery” incident happened to me a few weeks ago which makes me realize how exposed people are in this techno era.

    I do have a few friends on Facebook, and I’ve heard of a few people who have been asked to create a Facebook profile by their employers. My friends like it as a way to discover old friends/former classmates.

  3. Facebook gives you a fair amount of protection. You choose who can see your profile. There’s a hole in the program when it comes to photos, though. If someone in your network comments on photos by someone out of your network, you can see the album.

    Needless to say, the youngest isn’t pleased with that little issue. We were friends early on as a stipulation of her being on the site, but as she aged, we parted ways. Her friends still friend me, though. Let’s just say it lets me keep up 🙂

  4. I joined Facebook last year because I was nosey- I wanted to know who else was out there. I didn’t really do anything with in until today, because someone asked me to be there friend! So I updated my profile, uploaded a few pictures and send out a few friend invites.