If you’re a Brookfield junkie…

…you just gotta go read Alderman Scott Berg’s reply to BrkfldDad.

I have no idea who B-Dad is. I will say he makes me toe the line. He also has some pretty good information. I do know that Berg has a teeny little problem with people who don’t openly fawn to him. I guess B-Dad’s on that list now.

No, it won’t surprise anyone that when you read B-dad’s comment on this blog he IS actually questioning me. Berg’s paranoia can’t handle any of it though, so anyone not declared a sworn ally is an obvious enemy to his mind.

I love it that Berg’s unbalance is finally being exposed.

BrkfldDad’s actual comment:

6 BrkfldDad // Aug 13, 2008 at 8:44 am

Widening of North imminent? Is there something firm in place that hasn’t hit the radar? I know the potential has always existed, and the right of ways defined, but the project never looks to be on the map going forward. I know the preference is to widen from 124th westward first, but always understood, eventually the cost/engineering of widening from Brookfield to Barker was near impossible.

Clearly the situation is not as Berg asserts.

Imminent – close at hand; about to occur. No, the widening isn’t imminent; I’ll concede that. But the property owner’s decision based on the County’s confirmation that the widening will be planned? That happened this morning for the first time with Alderman Scott Berg’s blog entry. If you own property against the road, it may already be too late. If you buy property against North Avenue, you need to do so with the full understanding that the road will be four lanes.

That’s news.


  1. BrkfldDad says:

    Before Grant gets to you, that’d be ‘toe’ the line, he caught me on that one!

  2. My bad. I’ll change it.

    Although I do feel like I’m pulling a very heavy (fill in the blank) with this crowd.