McCain’s statement on the resignation of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

From Senator John McCain’s campaign –

ARLINGTON, VA — Today, U.S. Senator John McCain issued the following statement on the resignation of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf:

“The resignation of President Pervez Musharraf is a step toward moving Pakistan onto a more stable political footing. Pakistan is a critical theater in countering the threat of al Qaeda and violent Islamic extremism, and I look forward to the government increasing its future cooperation.

“There are serious problems that must be addressed. The situation in Pakistan’s frontier regions requires immediate and continued attention, and I hope that the elections for President Musharraf’s successor will serve to reconcile the Pakistani people behind a leader who can solidify their government internally. It is critical that the United States continue to work in partnership with the Pakistani people and their democratically elected government to tackle the many challenges we both face.”

The world is changing before our eyes. This is a soft statement and appropriate given McCain’s status as a presidential candidate.


  1. I hope that in reality McCain is aware that Pakistan is a Muslim country with nukes, and they are actually extremist and Musharraf was an obstacle to their real intentions. They supposedly aided the Taliban and al-qaeda in Afghanistan. I think it’s a bad thing that he was forced to resign

  2. I think it’s bad, too.

  3. Shawn Matson says:

    “This is a soft statement and appropriate given McCain’s status as a presidential candidate.”

    …As opposed to his reaction to Georgia, is what I think everyone is thinking, and what the pundits are saying.

  4. The pundits you listen to are liberals and we know that they are pacifists and cowardly when it comes to defense. The Russians only understand strength and when NATO and the U.S. don’t stand up to them they will consider it a sign of weakness.
    That can only lead to more aggression in the future. Do you think for one minute it doesn’t stick in Putin’s craw that the Soviet Union fell apart? He’d like nothing better than to regain all the countries that got free from their domination. The lack of commitment prior to WWII, the French and U.S. in Vietnam, and the U.S. in Korea showed the half-hearted commitment to defending freedom and led to many more deaths than a strong show of force prior to hostilities might have yielded. Of course it’s conjecture, but I know from personal experience that if you let a bully continue to bully you he will never stop. Punch him in the nose the first time and he stops immediately.

    I don’t know what our defense commitments are to the countries that side with us against terror and dictators, but I would have bombed the Russian tanks in the dark with our invisible planes! Yup, that’s me…a warmonger willing to fight to defend freedom!

  5. Shawn Matson says:

    I’m not going to dignify your comment with an argument. However, I would like to say that that there is significant evidence that Georgian terrorists were murdering Russian nationals in the Ossetian region that Russia invaded.

    I get this information from someone who has been living in the region, and while I can’t reasonably confirm that it’s true, it is a compelling testimony to the complexity of the situation that frankly, most people (and I think John McCain and even perhaps Barack Obama included) aren’t willing to consider.

    The world is not black and white. Russia is not evil. Georgia is not good. Both countries are filled with corrupt autocrats and boogeymen who are attempting a power grab.

    The United States is best not to interfere with this situation…but we’re learning now that the U.S. may have been supporting theres Georgian moves against Russia before the invasion. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

  6. Dear Aunt Blabby:
    “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” It seems to me that I’ve heard that song before! The Russian people may not be evil, but Putin and the Communist Party members are. Anyone who is too blind to understand and accept that is bound to repeat the mistakes of the late 1930’s. Your sources for information are just as corrupt as the poison spread by the Russian propaganda machine. Wake up and smell the coffee! Common sense would indicate that the Russian bear invaded a small democracy, and is lying about the ceasefire and pullback.

  7. Shawn Matson says:

    My source is a Georgian citizen who works in a computer cafe. Hardly “poisoned by the Russians.”

    Grant, I think that what we have here is not that common sense would indicate that, but instead conventional wisdom indicates that.

    There is always something going on under the surface. Afghanistan with the Mujahideen was the same case. So was most of the Cold War.

  8. Grant, it must be very simple to live in your little world where people are only all-good or all-evil. Simple concepts breed simple ideas. Russia is already pulling back from Georgia.

    If some damn fool had carried out your idea or McCain’s admission of Georgia to NATO what would be the status now?

    If we had bombed the Russian troops where would Putin have sent his nukes?

    If McCain had managed to commit US ground forces to keeping the peace on the ground where would they have been drawn from?

    Tough talk and bluster makes for good show but it has little to do with good governance.

  9. Grumps, so Russia goes in and destroys the Georgian infrastructure, says they are going to pull back from the “heartland”, but will never leave the two areas that wanted to secede from Georgia, and you consider that A-OK? Gosh, you’re a bigger pacifist than the Obamster is! If we had bombed some Russian tanks under the cover of “we don’t know who done it, duh”, it certainly wouldn’t have provoked Russia to use its nukes. Don’t be so naive. You do remember the Cuban missile crisis, or are you too young to have experienced some of the more patriotic moments in American history? Your idea of good governance is appeasement and acceptance of military action against our allies?
    God save us from voters like you!

  10. Shawn Matson says:

    Interesting diction in “patriotic moments,” Grant. That’s an emotionalization of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and reveals that for a lot of “conservatives” (but not all), patriotism is more about symbolism and objectification of events than it truly is of true belief of who and what you are as an American.

    Patriotism is not about military machismo, it’s about something bigger and more profound.

    I think Grumps’ idea of good governance, like mine, (and pardon me for speaking for you, Grumps if i’m incorrect), is using Diplomacy, critical thinking, and reason before pressing the red button.

  11. Charming. Then go use them. Looks like no one is actually talking yet, and that’s a real problem.

    There’s no way Russia should get away with an upper hand on this one while half the nation is waiting for an appointment to sing kumbaya.

  12. Shawn, what a bunch of pacifist mumbo jumbo. Talk to your relatives who fought in WWII or Korea and see if they guy your silliness. I doubt that we could win a WWII conflict today due to the pathetic ideas of the current crop of liberal thinkers. They would insist on attending a tea party with Hitler and his henchmen at which time they would all be taken to the ovens!

  13. Shawn Matson says:

    Cindy, the reason no one is talking is because Bush and McCain are busy slamming Russia–there’s no room for diplomacy with that kind of strategy (if you can call it strategy).