Brookfield Alderman Scott Berg’s death spiral continues (update)

Scott Berg has a very public history of hitting bottom. He’s close to doing so again on his blog. (See below – he’s changed his original comment since he was so wrong.) Go read his latest response to BrkfldDad. Berg lists all of his perceived slights like a jilted lover, then he finishes with this:

p.s. How did you manage to send Kilkenny email explaining how to fix her exterior cable connection without tipping off your secret identity? Not passing the smell test…

Once again, Berg’s paranoia steps in the way of the facts.

BrkfldDad left a COMMENT on this blog in response to my post Do you believe in ghosts? There wasn’t an e-mail exchange as 5th district Brookfield Alderman Scott Berg snidely asserts. (I also gave BrkfldDad a big thank you.)

I’m not sure what triggers Berg, but I’ve seen it many times before. He almost always follows with a grand public apology when he crashes. The press has picked up on a couple of them – once when he blasted a homeschooling parent, another when he shared his diseased appendix photo by e-mail. When the death spiral happens on his own Web site, he usually scrubs it clean and denies the hatefulness later. Berg’s also famous for his nasty e-mail campaigns. This is the first time I remember it all playing out in real-time, though. It will be interesting to see how it ends.

One thing’s for certain: Scott Berg is very unhappy that he doesn’t know BrkfldDad’s identity. Berg’s world is full of ways to “get even,” but this time there’s no one to stalk, no house to drive by obsessively, no name to investigate for the slightest infraction, no boss to call. His last attempt to stalk a reader ended badly when he accused a man of commenting on a gay Web site that Berg evidently frequents. I took the hit for discovering Berg’s error there. Berg always has to hit someone when he makes a mistake.

Frankly that’s why BrkfldDad will do well to remain anonymous. Life as Scott Berg’s latest target can really suck.

Tonight’s a Common Council meeting. Berg is wounded so he will probably lash out. You can bet his peers will snicker.

Maybe his paranoia is justified after all.


Berg scrubbed his site of his original comment. Since he is an elected official I’m reprinting Berg’s original reply:

Scott’s reply:

Now, would that be “miffed” like when you described me in Kilkenny’s blog as “off his rocker”? Is that like bipolar, only left and right instead of up and down? You know what happened the last time those terms were bandied about! I think you wrote “lynching”.

Or miffed as in when you talked about how Kate Bloomberg asked you to help Rocky Soper with his election bid against me in 2002?

Or miffed as in when you wrote you had talked to me “twice in recent months” (one was the subdivision picnic) and wanted to state how disappointed you were with me but instead didn’t say anything?

Or miffed as in when you wrote that you planned to run against me last spring but your travel schedule wouldn’t permit it? Remember, when you are elected your invisibility cloak drops. It sounds like you talk tough when you can hide your identity but clam up when you are public and accountable.

I replied to those offering to meet with you. And you don’t remember any of that? Oh well, the offer still stands. Give me a call. 797-8772 or

p.s. How did you manage to send Kilkenny email explaining how to fix her exterior cable connection without tipping off your secret identity? Not passing the smell test…