Does experience count?

John McCain: Congress – 26 Years; Military – 22 years

Barack Obama: Congress – 143 days; Military – 0

I do think experience counts. So does Obama. The Wall Street Journal took him to task yesterday for saying Clarence Thomas didn’t have enough – well, he was about to say experience. He caught himself just before he said the word.

Watch and see if you agree. Obama says, “I don’t the he was an ex…a strong enough jurist or legal thinker at the time for that elevation.”


  1. Sen. Stevens (R-Alaska) served longer than any other current senator. His experience proved he was a crook.

  2. So, your experience in mental health means you’re a nut case?

    You see, experience is just experience. It doesn’t prove you’re a crook. Grip up, Capper.

  3. “So, your experience in mental health means you’re a nut case?”

    I’ve been told that before. 🙂

    On a serious note, experience also doesn’t mean one is qualified or good at another job.

  4. Lucky Lady says:

    Cindy, you forgot to mention Obama’s experience as a community organizer. He worked for ACORN. That’s the organization that recently admitted voter fraud in Milwaukee county. They are also busy fighting for illegal alien rights across the country. That’s got to count for something.

  5. I’m going to have to look that connection up, LL. Could make for an interesting blog post.

  6. Obama Mama says:

    Experience doesn’t make or break someone. For example: The US Government has a program known as “Teach for America” that places recent college graduates (with or without a teaching degree) in a very urban or rural school that is struggling. The impact these untrained teachers have on their students is just as monumental as the trained seasoned vets.

    In your case Cindy, does Jeff Speaker have more “experience” than you? Yes! Do I believe YOU would make the better mayor? Yes!

    Experience helps to refine ones skills, but it doesn’t make them. Running for POTUS clearly requires a certain skill set; both Obama and McCain have showed the public they have what it takes… they didn’t win the primaries on accident.

  7. They didn’t win the primaries by accident but how much say does the average voter really have as to which millionaire gets choosen to run. Then again an ethanol farmer in Iowa has undue influence.

  8. Well gosh, thanks. Actually, Jeff Speaker and I had about the same experience in local government when I ran. Granted, he’d have more now.

    I agree experience isn’t everything. Sometimes being a good student of history can help. I do think actual military experience is a good idea when making decisions as commander in chief. That’s been lacking from our last few presidents.

    Also, I think Obama slipped primary voters a bit of a twist by opposing the war, then not opposing the war. I wonder if those voters staying home will surprise him in the general election.